Summer is here, and the heat waves are already starting. It’s important to you that your senior loved one stays cool and safe this time of year. At Angels on Call, our dedicated home health aides work to protect seniors from all of the elements – including the heat. Here are some of the ways our Angels help seniors protect their skin from the summer sun. 

Safe in the Shade

Seeking shade is one of the most effective ways to avoid the summer sun. Whenever possible, spend your outdoor time in shaded areas. If you plan to go to the beach or other open areas, have a parasol you can easily set up to provide needed shade from the sun. 

Wear Loose Clothing and a Hat

Our Angels always make sure that seniors are dressed appropriately for the outdoors before they embark on outings. For the summer, this includes loose cool clothing that breathes easily and protects the skin underneath from the sun. We also encourage our seniors to wear UV shades and wide-brim hats, especially when they’ll be spending an extended period outdoors. 

Senior Wearing Loose Clothing and a Hat for Skin Protection
Seniors Wearing Loose Clothing and a Hat for Skin Protection

Sunscreen Is a Must

Sunscreen is another key component to protecting your skin from the sun. Everyone should wear sunscreen when outdoors. According to the AARP, the ideal SPF range for a broad-spectrum sunscreen is between 30 and 50. It’s important to keep sunscreen on hand while you’re out so that you can reapply it intermittently throughout the day, especially if you wash your face and hands, or if you sweat. 

Time Your Outings

Midday and early afternoon are the worst times for sun exposure. It’s best to time outings for seniors early in the day (before 10 am) or later in the afternoon (after 4 pm). This minimizes direct sun exposure. It’s also important to limit how long you’re outside at a time, especially on very hot days. Break up outings and make sure that you keep water on hand to stay hydrated. 

Monitor Medications

Some medications can make seniors more susceptible to complications from the sun and heat, especially during the summer. Our home health care professionals help seniors monitor their medications for side effects, including those that can make their skin more sensitive to sunlight. 

Don’t Forget Vitamin D

Staying safe in the sun is about more than clothing, shade, and sunscreen. Our home health aides also know that diet is key to a healthy time outdoors. Vitamin D helps our skin properly process sunlight that reaches it and avoids burning and other damage. A balanced diet that includes foods rich in Vitamin D such as low-fat dairy foods and fatty fish like salmon helps prepare the body for the sun. 

Seniors Enjoying the Outdoors and Sunshine
Seniors Enjoying the Outdoors and Sunshine

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