Family members often require advanced care as they age. Choosing an in-home care provider that offers the high level of service your loved one deserves is imperative. Angels On Call has redefined the industry by going above and beyond the standards. In this article, you will learn about how Angels On Call can help with in-home care for seniors and their families.


What Makes Angels On Call Stand Out?


Angels On Call surpasses other in-home care agencies by providing the following services.


· Better Scheduling: Our centralized scheduling system allows us to fill shifts more efficiently. It also ensures managers engage with clients. They can easily schedule check-ins and home visits to provide optimal care.

· Hands-On Training: Our caregivers must graduate from the Angels Academy program before they enter the field. The hands-on training prepares them for anything. They are also subject to background checks to ensure they provide a safe experience.

· Rigorous Matching Standards: We use a rigorous screening process to ensure clients are matched with a caregiver best suited to their needs.

· Opportunities to Get Paid to Care for a Loved One: We help ease the financial burden of in-home care by providing the Client Caregiver Selection Program. Waiver and Options clients can choose a friend or relative to train and get paid to be their caregiver.

· Personalized Care Plan: We meet with your loved ones to determine the care they need. We work with families to devise a customized plan that ensures your loved one’s safety and well-being.

· Various Services Offered: We provide various services, including daily living assistance, light housekeeping, and transportation assistance. We can also offer more advanced care, including disease management, dementia and Alzheimer’s support, VetAssist services, and more.  

· Caring and Compassionate: We focus on offering caring and compassionate services. Our caregivers are trustworthy and reliable. We aim to treat our clients like family.


Benefits of Home Care


Angels On Call is a home care service that provides seniors with the following benefits:


· Comfortable Surroundings: Seniors can age in familiar surroundings among their friends and families for optimal mental wellbeing.

· Increased Independence: Caregivers allow seniors to plan their schedules and complete daily tasks. They will maintain a sense of dignity and independence.

· Better Physical Health: A caretaker will assess their client’s medical needs to ensure they eat healthy meals and follow doctor-recommended treatment plans to achieve optimal physical health.

· Personalized Care: Clients receive the full attention of their caregivers to receive a high level of care and develop relationships that minimize anxiety, depression, and isolation.


In-Home Care for Seniors


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Angels On Call is a preferred choice for home care services in Philadelphia, PA. Our scheduling, matching, and training programs help us stand out. Our comprehensive services and deep level of care and compassion make us a preferred senior care choice. Our career opportunities make care more affordable.


Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer. We will help you take your loved one’s health to the next level.