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Angels On Call: Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

As Pennsylvania’s premier home care agency in Philadelphia, PA, Angels On Call is here for you and your family when you need quality in-home care.

Angels On Call is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Home Care Association. Our extensive network, years of experience, and exceptional staff allow Angels On Call to offer the best possible in-home care in the state of Pennsylvania.

Our patients are friends, loved ones, and neighbors, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the services you need when you need them, with kind and caring attention.

Exceptional Home Care Assistance, Philadelphia, PA

Here at Angels On Call, we have created an integrated system of post-acute care and personal care services to provide our patients and their families with a community of caregivers and clinicians whose sole focus is excellent care with dignity and respect.

Senior Care Service, Philadelphia, PA

If you have a senior loved one who requires elder care in Philadelphia, PA, you’ll be glad to know that Angels On Call specializes in senior care. 

Here at Angels On Call, we can provide optimal senior care services such as housekeeping, transportation, and simple activities of daily life such as personal grooming and hygiene, food preparation, and general companionship. But opting for an in-home Caregiver can provide much more than just services. 

Home care in Philadelphia, PA has become the preferred choice for the elderly, as opposed to opting for moving senior family members into assisted living facilities. 

Why? Because in-home care is not only the more affordable option, it also increases the happiness, comfort, and safety of seniors in need of care. 

Reports have shown that in-home Caregivers can ensure your elderly loved one feels more independent and physically and mentally well. And carers can even help them meet their intellectual and developmental goals. 

Caring, Professional, & Reliable: Why You Can Count on Our Staff

Angels on Call has a wide variety of staff members who are always here to help. From our Angels Intake staff to Angels Social Workers, and of course, Angel in-home Caregivers, each and everyone is here for you. 

Our on-staff Caregivers receive in-class and hands-on training before they begin working with clients. As well they all graduate from our Angels Academy Program to ensure they understand exactly what is required from a Caregiver. 

But in addition to being well-trained and professional, our Caregivers do something more: They really care. They know that it’s not only their job to provide services but also to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy carers.

You Can Choose Your Angel

Angles On Call will also ensure that the Caregiver matched with you or your loved one is the best possible Caregiver for you and your specific needs. 

If, for any reason, your assigned Caregiver isn’t the right fit, we will happily provide another until we find the absolute perfect pair that makes your loved one feel both safe and connected. 

Also, some people would rather be the one caring for their family members instead of opting for one of our staff members. So if you feel called to be the one at home with them, we can certainly help you become your loved one’s paid Caregiver through the Personal Assistance Services program (PAS) from Medicaid.

Complete In-Home Care at Angels On Call

Angles On Call specializes in personal and non-medical in-home care in Philadelphia, PA, including activities of daily living, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. 

Of course, we provide a wide range of services to our clients, but it’s important to remember that no two people need the same type of assistance. That’s why we tailor our provided care to the individual in need to ensure everyone gets the help that best suits their circumstances. 

Every patient is a part of the Angels Halo Network, which tracks patient metrics and data in order to provide the specific care they need at any given time.

Angels On Call Is Always Here For You

Here at Angels On Call, it’s our mission to improve the lives of our patients in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area. And if you’re ready to get the best in-home care for your loved one, we’re always here to help. 

You are always welcome to stop by one of our many office locations to speak in person with one of our well-trained staff members. 

And, of course, you can call us at our 24-hour line at 1-888-432-1070 or fill out the quick form on our contact page right now.