If you have an aging loved one, you’re wondering how you will be able to care for them. You can feel overwhelmed, especially if your loved one needs full-time care. While you may be considering an assisted living home, full-time home care offers several benefits you should consider first. Continue reading to learn about the top five benefits of full-time home care. 

Care at Home

According to the AARP, 90% of American seniors prefer to stay at home for as long as possible. This is hardly surprising. They have put their time, energy, and investment into their home. Their memories are there. Home also means independence. In-home healthcare allows seniors to keep control over their daily lives, maintain their social activities, and live their accustomed lifestyles. 

Pet Ownership

The benefits of pet ownership cannot be overstated. Pet companionship eases loneliness and has been shown to ease the effects of heart disease and dementia. If your loved one has a beloved pet or would like to get one, full-time home care allows them that option whereas an assisted living facility may not due to the health concerns of other residents. 

Senior with his Pets
Senior with His Pets

Family Involvement

Full-time home care enables you to be a larger part of your senior loved one’s care plan without having to sacrifice your own responsibilities. Full-time home care also gives seniors the flexibility to enjoy one on one visits or host family gatherings. They can also set their boundaries around visits rather than having to follow an assisted living facility’s visitor schedule. 


Assisted living facilities can still be lonely places for seniors, where they may feel alienated among strangers. In addition to greater access to family, full-time home care provides seniors with an Angel who works with them one-on-one. They become familiar faces and companions. It may seem small but having someone your senior can build a connection with who helps them maintain their independence can have a huge impact on their overall mental health and wellbeing. 

Senior Companionship
Senior Companion Care


Assisted living facilities are expensive, often more than many families can afford even with assistance. The cost of full-time home care, however, is significantly less expensive, since your loved one is already providing a huge factor in cost – where to live. 

Home Health Aide Services in Lebanon PA

Your loved one deserves the best care where they feel comfortable and secure. Angels on Call offers a wide range of services to help seniors and those with special needs live their best lives and maintain their independence. 

Contact us to set up an appointment and we will match you with one of our Angels or help you choose your Angel as part of the PAS program.