Medical Escort

Are you scheduled for a medical procedure? Maybe you need an Outpatient Surgery? For safety and other reasons, many surgery centers require that you have a Medical Escort or travel companion when you leave the facility after a medical procedure.

Are you having a hard time finding a friend or family member who can be available to escort or transport you to and from the clinic or hospital?

Do you need a medical escort or travel companion to visit family members or friends?

Your Angels On Call Medical Escort is waiting!! 

We will schedule a reliable and insured Angels On Call Caregiver to escort you safely to your medical procedure or Doctor visit site. We will either wait for you (if under two hours) or come back for you at a preset time to get you home safely. We will arrange for our caregiver to stay with you at your home for as long as you want. Need to get a script filled after your procedure? NO PROBLEM! Your Angels On Call Medical Escort will take care of it!

Travel Care Assist

Angels On Call offers TRAVEL CARE service programs to assist persons with disabilities, either physical or intellectual, traveling to our area for medical care or family events. We can take care of you or your guest in need in a hotel or private home.

Call our office to speak with one of our dedicated coordinators for more information.

Specialty Services:

Our Angels On Call Caregivers are trained in Disease Management, Dementia & Alzheimers support.

We are also credentialed with the Office of Developmental Programs to care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We are proud to provide care for Holocaust Survivors through the Jewish Family and Children’ Service of Greater Philadelphia (visit