Many seniors deal with depression. Fun activities will get their minds off what’s bothering them. Sharing life stories will help them improve their mental outlook.

When seniors share their life stories, they travel to a simpler time. They will improve their memories and their mental state. A home health aide can assist them on their journey.

Discover the power of Home Nursing Care in Philadelphia, PA, as seniors combat depression through engaging activities and meaningful life story sharing. Our dedicated home health aides provide support on their journey to improved mental well-being.


The Benefits of Sharing Life Stories

Improves Memory: Seniors must keep their minds active to improve age-affected memory loss and reduce the risk of dementia. Recalling past events will help them exercise their minds. They will remember details that help them work their cognitive processes.

Benefits Mood: Many seniors suffer from depression due to isolation and failing health. When they share their life stories, they travel back to a simpler time when they were young and carefree. They will adapt to that mental state and lift their mood.

Bond with Others: When seniors share stories, they form a bond. They feel more connected to the person they share with. They experience reduced feelings of loneliness.

They Increase Their Sense of Meaning and Purpose: Many seniors have had impressive life accomplishments. Recalling these accomplishments reminds them that they have meaning and purpose. They also inspire the people who listen to their stories. This type of sharing makes them feel even more meaningful.

Carries on Memories: Seniors may pass on. But when they share their life stories, they allow their loved ones to carry on their memories. Their tales live through generations.


Caregivers Can Encourage Seniors to Share Life Stories

Caregivers who spend time with seniors can encourage them to share their life stories in the following ways.

Ask Questions: Ask the client questions about their youth. Some may be reluctant to answer. But others will unfold tales that take both of you on a journey through time.

Look at Pictures: Most seniors have pictures around their homes that show them with various people at different places. You may ask questions about the photos. They may entertain you with a story that reveals more about that time in their lives.

Tell Them a Story: Some people are reluctant to open up. But if you start, they will take your cue. They will feel more comfortable talking about themselves.

Some seniors may want to avoid talking about their past. If they act insulted or withdrawn, don’t push it. They will come around if and when they feel comfortable.


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Angels on Call Caregivers Improve Senior Mental Health Through Home Nursing Care in Philadelphia PA:

Most families hire caregivers to tend to their elderly relative’s physical needs. But in-home health aides improve senior’s mental health as well. They encourage storytelling, provide companionship, and help seniors regain independence.

Angels on Call is a home care agency you can trust. We offer a well-trained staff, a better match program that ensures our clients are matched with an aide well-suited to their needs, and centralized scheduling that boosts engagement. We provide various services, including daily living assistance, light housekeeping, transportation, and errands. Contact us to discover how we can improve your loved one’s quality of life.