How Caregivers at Angels on Call Benefit Seniors in Philadelphia, PA. In-home care is beneficial to seniors. It provides them with companionship, improves their mental and physical health, and is a more affordable alternative to a nursing home. However, the level of care fluctuates from one agency to another. Angels on Call provides a level of service that puts us head and shoulders above the rest. We are known for superior scheduling, matching, training, and selection. Read on to learn more about our company.


Discover how Angels on Call benefits seniors in Philadelphia, PA. Our in-home care offers companionship, improves mental and physical health


Better Scheduling

Angels on Call in Philadelphia, PA offers a centralized scheduling system. It puts everyone on the same page. It reduces the chances of overlaps and no-shows.

It also helps managers stay engaged with clients. They know the best times to visit homes and check in with families. The system keeps everyone on top of where clients are in the care spectrum.


Better Training

A well-trained caregiver is essential. The caregiver must be familiar with the client’s needs. They must be aware of the most proactive steps to improve their quality of life.

Angels on Call provides a high level of training to our caregivers to help Seniors in Philadelphia, PA. They receive in-class and hands-on instruction. They must graduate from our Angels Academy program before they enter the field.


Better Matching

We understand how critical it is for seniors to match with caregivers who meet their medical needs and suit their personalities. We use a rigorous screening process to ensure your loved one is assigned a skilled caregiver and suitable companion. We use background checks so clients feel confident their senior relatives are safe in our aide’s care.


Better Selection

Waiver and Options clients may take advantage of our Client Caregiver Selection Program. We will train a friend, family member, or neighbor of the client’s choice to become their caregiver. The program ensures the client will receive care from someone they feel comfortable with. It also helps the community members gain valuable professional training.


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More About Angels on Call

Various Services: Angels on Call provides several service options. We can help with daily living activities, light housekeeping, transportation, and errands. We tailor a plan suited to your loved one’s needs.

Seamless Support: Our Angles of Halo Network ensures our clients enjoy seamless support. It provides patient metrics and data that provide insight into patient progress. It covers intake, schedule coordination, social work, specialists, and more.

All the Benefits of Homecare: Our clients enjoy all the benefits homecare provides. They can age in place, receive personalized one-on-one care, and get the assistance they need to reach their wellness goals. They will see an improvement in their mental and physical health.

We Treat Our Clients Like Family: Read our testimonials for more insight into client relationships.


Angels on Call offers various services that make us stand out from competitors. Contact us to learn more about what we offer. You can feel confident putting your loved one in our hands.