Communication is a vital part of the home healthcare process. Agencies must maintain lines of communication with the client and their families to ensure they are getting the best care. Angels on Call offers ongoing communication that promotes quality home nursing care in Philadelphia PA.


How Does Poor Communication Impact Home Healthcare in Philadelphia, PA? 

Improper Treatments: Caregivers who do not communicate effectively with clients and families often make mistakes in the treatment process. They may give a patient the wrong medication or ineffectual treatments. Administrating incorrect treatments is detrimental to patient health. It can even lead to a medical malpractice suit.

Mistrust: Clients and families mistrust caregivers who don’t actively listen. They feel the aide is not giving them their full attention. They will become dissatisfied with the service they are receiving.

Poor Communication Between Caregivers: Good communication must be maintained between caregivers when there is a transfer in care. Research by the Joint Commission found that 80% of medical errors occurred due to miscommunication during patient handovers.

Language Barriers: Communication is often restricted by language barriers. Problems will arise if the caretaker does not speak the language of the client they are caring for. Agencies can reduce these issues by hiring a diverse staff of bilingual aides. 


How Home Nursing Care Philadelphia PA Caregivers Can Improve Communication Skills 

Active Listening: Healthcare aides must actively listen to improve their communication skills. They must understand their client’s needs and ask questions to receive quality care. They must provide feedback to show they are being attentive.


The RELATE Method:

Many home healthcare Philadelphia PA agencies recommend aides follow the RELATE method as follows:

  • Reassure – Reassure patients that they are receiving a high level of care and that they will get the best health outcome
  • Explain – Explain what you will do to improve the client’s quality of life
  • Listen – Actively listen to what the client says
  • Answer questions – Answer any questions they may have
  • Take action – Follow through on your care and treatment plans
  • Express appreciation – Let them know you appreciate them

Updated Technology: Technology plays a crucial role in how agencies communicate with each other, clients, and family members. If you use outdated technology, you may leave key individuals out of the loop. Agencies should use HIPAA-compliant communication and workforce management tools that keep everyone on the same page.


Home Healthcare in Philadelphia PA 

Angels on Call Offers a High Level of Home Nursing Care in Philadelphia, PA

Angels on Call provides excellent customer service thanks to our communication-focused care. We integrate modern technology, like a centralized scheduling system, to ensure our caregivers engage with their clients with regular visits and check-ins. We combine this with a personalized approach that entails hands-on training and a better match system that ensures our clients get the best caregiver for their needs.

We offer various services, including light housekeeping, transportation, and daily living assistance. We treat our clients like they are family. We provide a seamless, comprehensive experience throughout the continuum of care. 

Contact us to learn how we can provide you and your loved one with the top-notch home nursing care Philadelphia, PA, residents deserve.