elderly woman walking after a fall

Why do elderly people fall?
There are a few reasons for this.

The simplest, is that as we get older our eyesight and hand eye coordination tends to weaken. As well as muscles that help us move gracefully. Which means, that the older we get, the less likely we are not to notice things on the floor that might trip us. Or, we might just not move our muscles as we intend to, and end up tripping over ourselves.

The second reason, is that elderly people are more prone to chronic health conditions. And these chronic conditions can result in things like heart attacks, seizures, and dizziness. Unfortunately, if one or more of these symptoms occurs while an elderly individual is standing, they are quite likely to fall.

Third, some illnesses found in elderly actually affect the body’s sense of balance. Things like Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, migraines, or even just motion sickness can cause a momentary disturbance in your ears and balance. Again, resulting in a fall.

Is there really a danger in elderly falling?

If we fall when we’re young, it’s easy enough for us to pick ourselves up and continue on. There might be a bit of pain, or a scratch left over. But overall, our bodies are strong enough to keep going.

However, older bodies don’t function quite the same. They can be more fragile and delicate. And, hard or sudden impacts can cause serious damage. Damage that could take quite some time to mend. It’s not uncommon for elderly to break a hip or other body part when they fall. And it’s much harder on their bodies to heal.

How can you prevent your senior from falling?

Luckily, there are a number of preventative measures you can take to keep things a little safer for your senior.

Keeping it tidy – Elderly won’t always notice small objects on the floor. And sometimes even big objects. So, keeping your floors clear of mess and clutter can really help your senior out.

Keeping it dry – Bathrooms can be a huge safety hazard to elderly. This is because, when the floors are wet, it’s all too easy to slip and fall. Be sure to always dry the floor after a shower. And, consider lining the floor with a soft throw rug to make things a little less slippery.

Non-slip accessories – While on the topic of bathrooms and slipping, lets discuss non-slip accessories. Items like non-slip slippers, shoes, shower mats, and socks are all great safety precautions to help keep your senior upright and standing.

Organization that makes sense – It’s hard for seniors to reach things that are too high up. Or things that are too low down. And, often times seniors fall trying to reach for items that are not quite in their comfort zone of movement. Organizing your or your senior’s house so that all items are mid-level and easy to reach, is a great preventative measure.

These may all sound like small suggestions, but when it comes to your senior’s health, every little bit matters.