senior woman and man with clothes and weather protection during autumn

It’s time to get out your hot chocolate, scarves, and rain coats because Autumn has arrived!
A season of holiday, coziness, and family time.

But that doesn’t mean it comes without its dangers. In fact, it can be quite a hazardous season for seniors and elderly.

So, this autumn take precaution, and keep your senior safe and cushy with these Autumn safety tips for seniors.

  • Make sure your senior has the right shoes.

With autumn weather, it’s important that your senior has a pair of shoes that protects them well. You want to be sure their shoes keep out the wet and the cold, but also have a good non-slip sole to keep them from falling. It’s also crucial that the shoes fit comfortably, so your senior can walk easily and without foot pain.

  • Make sure your senior has a good coat.

Similarly, it’s important that your senior has a coat that keeps them warm and dry. Autumn is a time of catching colds. Mainly, because the sudden seasonal change throws our bodies off and makes them more susceptible to viruses. Unfortunately, colds can quickly become something much worse in the elderly. So, it’s vital that your senior goes outside in a good, sturdy coat. This way their bodies only have to concentrate on staving off illness and not also hypothermia.

  • Make sure your senior is drinking enough water.

Your senior, and you for that matter, should always be drinking water. In the summer, it’s easy to remember because it’s just so hot outside. But as the weather cools down, so does our drive for drinking a nice cool glass of water. Which is a big no-no, because even though our bodies may not be perspiring quite as much as in the summer, we still need our full 8 cups of water in the autumn for healthy living.

  • Be mindful of the temperature indoors.

Even if you have the heat on high, if your house isn’t insulated properly, you’re not gaining anything. Because the hot air you’re pumping into your house is just escaping, leaving the cold air to harm your senior’s body. The solution to this, is making sure that your house isn’t drafty. This means, having windows that are fully secured and insulated, and arranging furniture so that your senior never has to sit near a drafty window. It’s also a good idea to keep some warm throw blankets around the house, for the chillier evenings.

  • Be on top of your senior’s flu shot.

Since autumn is also the season for catching the flu, it’s a good idea to check with your senior’s doctor about getting a flu shot. It’s not always necessary, but if your senior is someone who easily catches viruses, then getting an annual flu shot might not be a bad idea.

  • Make sure your senior has company.

As the weather gets colder, and the days get darker, it’s common for people to spend less time with friends, and more time alone. While alone time can be great for rejuvenation, too much alone time can really impact a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Whether your senior lives with you or alone, be sure they are getting ample social time to keep them cheery. You might teach them to use Facetime so you can chat at a distance, or you might initiate weekly movie night. But whatever the thing, just be sure your senior feel loved and never alone.