Senior Friends Enjoying In The Beach

Summer is our time to soak up the sun and rejuvenate in the fresh air.
It’s when we get to go outside, relax, find new hobbies, and spend a little me-time.

But that doesn’t mean it comes without it’s dangers.
So, if you’re planning to spend some extra time under the sun this summer, here’s a checklist to make sure you’re staying safe and doing it right!

Always check the forecast

This is a simple one, but it makes a big difference. Whether it’s a bad storm that might give you a cold, or a heat wave that might give you fatigue- you don’t want to get caught in it. Check the weather forecast before you head out, so you can avoid the bad weather and bad aftereffects.

Sunglasses are a must

Protect your eyes, and always bring a pair sunglasses, even if it’s cloudy.
Most people think it’s okay to skip wearing sunglasses if the clouds are out. But, although the sun may be hidden behind the clouds, it’s harmful UV rays are not.

Consider an umbrella

Another great accessory to keep yourself safe from the sun, is an umbrella. Don’t be afraid to be seen walking around with an umbrella, even if it’s not raining. Because the added layer of protection is what really matters for your health.

Seniors Drinking Water After Fitness In Park

Hydration is your top priority

It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated during the summer. When you’re out in the heat, and the sun’s beating down, you’ve got to keep drinking! Make it a habit to always bring a bottle of water with you when you go outdoors in the summer time.

Dress appropriately

Now, dressing for the summer doesn’t always mean less clothes. Because you might actually want to keep yourself covered with long sleeves and high collars to protect against the sun. So, what dressing appropriately in the summer really means, is wearing the right materials. Try to dress in light linens and cottons in order to keep your body breathing.

Know where you store your medicine

Some senior medicines don’t do well in the heat. And, in fact, can have adverse effects if kept in the sun too long. For this reason, it’s extremely important to check the storage label on all your medicines and make sure they’re being kept in temperatures appropriate to their ingredients.

Group Of Seniors On The Beach

Know the signs of heat stroke and fatigue

Effects from the heat can sometimes be very dangerous for senior health. Make sure you learn the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and fatigue. This way, if you start to notice anything off, you can quickly go inside and nip it in the bud before it causes you any serious harm.

Always carry emergency numbers

You never know when you might need to phone a loved one. So, it’s another good habit to always carry around emergency numbers with you. And not just on your phone. You’ve got to carry a written paper. This way if your phone dies, or if someone else needs to make the call for you –your emergency contacts are easily accessible.