Senior Couple eating Breakfast At Home

The older we get, the more on top of our diets we’ve got to be.

Children can eat almost anything, and their bodies will write it off. But for seniors, it’s not quite as easy. If we want to stay active, watching what we eat is just as important as exercising or any other health care act we do.

Here’s a list of 6 nutrition tips for seniors to keep you healthy, fit, and living strong.

Less salt for more stamina

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, or buying premade food, stick to consuming less salt. Although it’s tasty, too much salt can be bad for your body. This is especially true if you have high blood pressure, which is a common problem among seniors. If you’re worried about your salt intake and how it might be affecting your body, talk to your doctor or local nutritionist for a personalized salt recommendation.

Moderation is crucial

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. So, no matter what you eat, the key is always to do so in moderation. This means taking note of what you’re eating, and making sure you’re not over- or under- doing it. Consider keeping a food journal to help you keep track of what you’re eating when. Or, plan out your meals in advance, watching that they’re all nutritionally well-balanced.

Know what you’re eating

Although it’s tempting to just grab things off the store shelves and quickly throw them in our carts, it’s important to actually look at what we’re buying. Which means, checking the nutrition labels and the ingredient lists to see what’s in the food we’re buying. Even if something looks healthy, doesn’t always mean it is. Packaging can be misleading, so you need to carefully look at the labels so you know what you’re putting inside your body.

Senior Woman Drinking Water in The Kitchen

Drink water

Drinking water about thirty minutes before eating a meal, can do wonders for your digestion. Water balances out the acid and PH levels in our stomachs, helping with our digestive processes. So, if you find yourself having trouble digesting food, try this healthy hack.

Beware of processed sugars

Get your sugar from natural sources like regular fruits and vegetables. Because, processed sugars essentially give you fake energy that causes you to crash later on when the sugar has worn off. Not only does this make you crave more sugar, but it also effects your mood and productivity throughout the day. When you’re constantly hitting highs and lows in your energy levels, it makes it difficult to live a happy, healthy life.



This is a great hack for all your nutritional needs. First of all, as we get older our teeth become more sensitive, making it difficult to eat hard or tough foods. Smoothies allow you to easily blend all your fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other enriching foods that might otherwise be difficult to ingest. Plus, they’re delicious and fun to make.