Growing up, we come to idealize independence – the idea of living on our own. Even in adulthood, we value our autonomy. As we age, however, our ability to live independently can diminish. If you have a senior loved one, you want to ensure they can live happy, independent lives. So, when is it time to choose senior home care? Here are some signs to consider.

Your Senior Loved One Is Neglecting Daily Routines

Sometimes we all decide to skip a routine, especially on off days or weekends. However, if you notice that your senior loved one is missing meals, regularly ignores bathing, or neglects other important routines, it is a good sign they may need help at home. This is especially important if your loved one isn’t taking medication properly or performing other important healthcare tasks. 

Your Loved One Isn’t Socializing

Socialization is important for a healthy mind and body. If your senior loved one isn’t getting out to socialize with people due to limited mobility or health concerns, a home care worker can help them. Not only can a caregiver provide company and companionship, but they can also help get your loved one out to senior-friendly events and activities. 

Senior Caregiver
Senior Caregiver

Your Senior Is Having Problems Keeping Up with Chores

Daily chores are a part of independent living. Unfortunately, as we age, they can be harder to keep up with. Even if your loved one isn’t managing with limited mobility, they can have problems with some chores from time to time. If you notice that your loved one is having trouble keeping up with chores like vacuuming, cleaning, and laundry, it is a good sign that they may need assistance. 

You Are Feeling Stressed and Burned Out

Often family members are the first to come to a senior loved one’s aid. It’s good to visit regularly with your senior loved ones to ensure they receive the mental and emotional stimulation they need. It is even good to offer to help them around the house to ensure chores are done. However, we often have our own careers and even children and homes to attend to as well. If you’re feeling stressed and burned out helping your loved one, then it is time to look for in-home care. You’ll feel better and you’ll be able to devote your visits to social activities. 

Are You Looking for In-Home Care in Lebanon or Philadelphia?

Angels on Call provides caregivers for senior home care. Whether your senior loved one lives with dementia or just needs a little extra assistance at home, contact us when it’s time to choose senior home care and we will match your loved ones with the care they need.