You want what’s best for your senior loved one. Whether they’re your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or found family, they’re an important part of your life. Making the decision between a nursing home or in-home health care can feel overwhelming. Let’s look at what each choice is, and the benefits your loved one will have with in-home care. 

What Is a Nursing Home? 

A nursing home is a full-time, long-term care facility where your senior loved one will live and receive needed medical care on-site. While some seniors may live in a nursing home for a short time following major surgery or illness, most residents reside there full-time due to advanced medical or mental health conditions. 

What is In-Home Health Care?

In-home health care involves a senior living at home, alone or with other family members, and having a home health aide visit daily to assist to provide companionship, assist with tasks, and attend to minor medical needs. Many of our Philadelphia senior residents value their independence, so having the option of in-home care is important to them. 

Benefits of Home Care over a Nursing Home 
Caregiver with Seniors at Home

What Are the Benefits of Home Care over a Nursing Home? 

1. Your senior is in comfortable and familiar surroundings. 

Home care services allow your seniors to be at home, where they have friends and loved ones nearby. For those who want to remain independent or have put a lot of time and investment into a family home, care-at-home services ensure they receive the care they need while respecting their wishes. 

2. Care is customizable. 

With home care services, you and your senior loved one can determine what services they need and find the right angel to assist them. For example, if your senior needs assistance with cleaning but can and wants to cook their own meals, your home health aide will help with chores and leave meals to your loved one. 

3. Home care services are often more affordable than nursing homes. 

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities to come with a large price tag and include services that your senior may not need or want. In-home care, other the other hand is typically less expensive. In addition, the personalized nature of in-home care allows families to only pay for the services they need for their seniors. 

4. Care at Home Services Encourage Independence for Seniors. 

Having an in-home caregiver helps your loved one maintain their independence. Because their home health aide will only assist with what your senior needs, they are free to enjoy tasks and hobbies they can do without interference. Meanwhile, if they do need assistance with shopping, making appointments, or social engagements, their home caregiver can provide that assistance. 

5. In-home care provides additional safety for your loved one. 

Angel home care specialists receive thorough training on home safety. They can help you and your loved one install handrails and other safety features so that your senior is safe when they are alone in the home. Because home health aides also assist with medication and other at-home medical needs, they also ensure that your senior takes medications and receive at-home treatments on time and properly. 

6. Angel home care provides relief for family members. 

Often a senior’s first caregiver is a family member. However, that places additional stress on someone who may have a career or children. Care-at-home services help relieve stress and worry from family members. You can rest assured that your loved one has the care they need, allowing you to enjoy your time with them without worry. 

7. In-home care gives seniors much-needed companionship.

Loneliness is a risk many seniors face, and one that negatively impacts their mental and emotional health. Home care Angels not only assist with daily tasks, meals, and medications. They also spend time with seniors, ensuring your senior receives companionship. 

Home Care in Philadelphia from an Angel

Do you or your loved one need home care services in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas? We offer a wide range of services to help seniors and those with special needs live their best lives. Contact us to set up an appointment and we will match you with one of our Angels or help you choose your Angel as part of the PAS program.