senior woman on massage table

Osteoporosis and arthritis are two of the most common issues amongst the elderly.
They are both medical conditions that develop with age as well as general wear and tear.

Luckily, osteoporosis and arthritis are conditions that are easy to keep under control if you do the work!

So, let’s get down to the crux of it all: what can you do to help seniors with osteoporosis or arthritis? A few things.

Caring for seniors with Osteoporosis or Arthritis

Number 1: Keep your senior moving.

The minute a patient is diagnosed with arthritis, the first thought is to let their body rest and not move about too much.

But that is not necessarily the best approach!

In fact, doctors and nurses urge patients with arthritis to keep moving. Why? Because your body wants to move. On the most basic of levels, that’s what it’s made for. And if you don’t use an item for what’s made for, well, that’s when it starts to rust and deteriorate.

You want to constantly encourage your senior to keep moving. If the arthritis is in their hands, have them knit, paint, play an instrument, etc. Or, if the arthritis is in their knees, have them walk! Whatever the method, just make sure your senior is using and stretching the symptomatic areas.

Number 2: Make sure your senior is eating right.

It may sound simple, but making sure your senior is eating a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do for them.

Our bodies crave vitamins and minerals and nutrients. It’s what they need to survive. And the better the diet you eat- the more your body will thrive. If you really want your seniors to stay healthy and in control of their arthritis and osteoporosis, make sure they are eating right.

You can consult a nutritionist if you’re not sure what exactly your senior should be eating, but essentially make sure your senior is getting enough fruits, vegetables, water, and fiber.

Also, be cognizant of how much your senior is eating. As seniors age, they often lose their appetites. Which is not so great, because it may mean that they are not consuming enough food for their bodies to function on the best level.

You may not be able to monitor your senior’s daily food intake on the regular, but you can always talk to your senior about what they’re eating. And, help your senior meal prep.

Which, brings us to our next tip…

Number 3: Hire a home care professional.

There’s a lot to do and monitor when it comes to caring for the elderly with osteoporosis or arthritis.

If you’re getting overwhelmed, or not sure what to do, consider hiring a home care assistant.

Hiring through a home care agency, like Angels on Call, can help you pinpoint exactly what kind of assistant you need: physician, nurse, general aid, nutritionist, etc.

A home care assistant can help keep osteoporosis and arthritis under control with meal prep, nutrition plans, exercise schedules, and medication reminders.

The benefits are bountiful.