Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s presents several challenges. Your role in their daily life increases as their condition progresses. It can become overwhelming. That’s why our Angels here at Angels on Call have put together these tips to help families in Philadelphia manage Alzheimer’s home care. 

Tips to Reduce Frustration

Frustration, agitation, and anxiety are common for patients managing Alzheimer’s and dementia. As tasks become more difficult, they can begin to express anger or worry, sometimes at their situation or sometimes even at you. You can limit challenges as their condition progresses and help ease frustration by, 

  • Establishing a daily routine that allows flexibility for difficult days and appointments
  • When you plan your daily routine, consider that many tasks will take more time, and don’t rush through tasks
  • Where you can, provide choices for your loved one (choosing between outfits for example) but don’t overload them with too many choices
  • Make it easier for your loved one to stay involved in tasks by, 
    • Providing simple instructions
    • Organizing items involved in a task so that it’s easy for your senior to help (laying out clothes in the order they go on, laying out dishes for setting the table in the order they go on the table, etc)
  • Help your loved one minimize the length and number of naps with activities that are engaging, but not exhausting
  • Reduce distractions and reduce sensory overload by turning off the television when no one is watching
  • Light music can be a relaxing addition to your loved one’s day, but keep the volume low enough that it doesn’t become distracting or overwhelming

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Tips to Create a Safe Environment

Ensuring your loved one can get around their home safely is important as their Alzheimer’s and dementia progresses. Some tips to create a safe home include, 

  • Removing floor obstacles such as scatter rugs and cords
  • Install handrails and grab bars along steps, in the bathroom, and in other critical areas of the home
  • Use locks on cabinets or doors that contain potentially harmful or dangerous items
  • Lower the thermostat on the hot water heater to help prevent scalding
  • Ensure that items your loved one uses regularly are easy to reach without over-extending or bending
  • Keep a fire extinguisher accessible to all rooms, not just the kitchen, and if your loved one smokes, ensure that someone is always with them

Take Time for Yourself 

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia can become overwhelming. Ensure you give yourself the time you need to rest, unwind, and care for yourself so that you are alert, attentive, and caring to your loved one. If you are your loved one’s primary caregiver, you can turn to a service like Angels on Call to provide respite care to give yourself time to work, schedule appointments, or just take a needed break. You can even transition from respite care to full-time or part-time home care if needed. 

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