Music is one of the most amazing forms of expression we have. A few notes can evoke emotion and memories. A few lines can inspire stories. Music has always had a way of bringing people together and helping them define and express themselves. The benefits of music don’t end when we grow older. Experts from health care agencies in Philadelphia like Angels on Call have used music therapy to help seniors live fulfilling lives. Here are 7 ways we have seen music therapy benefits seniors. 

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is one of those terms that define itself. It uses music as a form of therapy to help manage or overcome a variety of physical, emotional, and mental health goals. Music therapy can be active, where the participant takes part in producing music or a rhythmic activity such as dancing. Music therapy can also be passive, where the participant listens to music specifically chosen to help them meet their goals. 

Music Therapy For seniors

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Both active and passive music therapy provides many benefits for seniors because of the nature of music itself. Seniors engaging in active music therapy will often help create music through singing or playing an instrument. They may participate in dancing or other rhythmic activities as well. With passive music therapy, seniors listen to music while doing mindfulness activities such as meditating. Passive music therapy sometimes has music accompany other activities as well. 

Seniors who have worked with our home health care providers in Philadelphia have experienced benefits such as, 

  • Improved memory and focus 
  • Relief from symptoms of depression 
  • Reduced stress from daily activities
  • Reduced agitation, for those with dementia
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased exercise
  • More self-esteem

Active Music Therapy Doesn’t Require Music Skill

If your senior loved one doesn’t sing or has never played an instrument, that’s okay. One of the most wonderful things about music therapy is that seniors don’t have to have musical talent or already have the skill to benefit from it. It is something they can learn if they want to participate actively in music activities. Participating in a music activity can just be a fun thing to do with others. Trying to match the rhythm and experimenting with sounds can be as magical as any sonata. 

Senior Listening to Music
Senior Listening to Music

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