When loved ones get older, they may require senior home care. Philadelphia families will want to find the best caregivers possible. But what criteria should they use to find that high level of care?


How to Find the Best Home Care in Philadelphia


A simple Google search will turn up various options for home care in Philadelphia. But how do you know which is best for your loved one? Here are a few factors to consider.


· Skilled Providers: Inquire about the level of caregiver training the agency requires. Do they mandate that caregivers take courses to work for their agency? Do they hold any certifications? This information will help determine if the home care will fulfill your loved one’s needs.

· Care and Compassion: Care and compassion are integral to the caregiver experience. Many agencies claim they have caring, compassionate aides, but you may only be able to determine the caregiver’s demeanor when you meet them. Request an interview before you agree to employ your loved one’s aide.

· Personalized Care: Personalized care means the caregiver suits your loved one’s personality. It means they will work around your schedule. They will cater to your loved one’s needs and ensure they get the care they deserve.

· Reviews and Recommendations: Check an agency’s reviews before agreeing to their services. Past and current clients can provide insight into the type of experience you will receive. You can also ask friends and family if they can recommend any agencies.

· Cost: Cost is always a consideration. But you also must consider what you are getting for your money. An agency that goes the extra mile may charge more. You can also reduce expenses by working with an agency that accepts your insurance or works with a state benefits program.

· Check the Services Offered: A home care agency must offer the required services. Some clients may need assistance with daily tasks. Others may be dealing with medical conditions that require specialized services. Make sure the agency you work with provides the service you need.

· Availability: Caregivers must be available when you need them. You may need caregivers to work weekends, evenings, and holidays. Gauge the availability to ensure they can suit your schedule.

Senior Care in Philadelphia

Angels On Call Offers Optimal Home Care in Philadelphia


You can browse home care agencies for days to find the one that’s right for your loved one. Or you can make things easy by calling Angels On Call first.


Angels On Call provides a centralized scheduling system to ensure managers conduct home visits and check-ins. Our staff must receive training through our Angels Academy program before they enter the field. Our Better Match program matches your loved one with a caregiver suited to their needs and personality. We also offer opportunities so family members can get paid to care for their loved ones.


Contact us to learn why we offer the senior home care Philadelphia residents prefer.