When we’re young, we dream of getting out and having our freedom. As we age, however, we worry about losing that freedom. For seniors living independently, being able to manage their daily lives at home is not just a desire; it’s a necessity. Here are 10 products to make life easier for seniors at home.

Grab Bars

As we age, our mobility reduces significantly. The bathroom becomes an especially risky area of the home thanks to the shower and toilet. Grab bars are an essential tool for making the bathroom safer. Placing them at the shower and toilet is ideal, giving your senior a way to grip as they get into and out of the shower or up and down from the toilet. 


Grab bars are not the only bathroom safety item on our list. A good bathmat with a strong grip is a must-have for the tub or shower. A secure bathmat helps to prevent slipping in the bathtub and injury that can follow. 

Reach Grabber

Every home should have a reach grabber to pull down items from high shelves. For seniors, these simple tools are essential. A grabber ensures that your loved one doesn’t have to strain and is not tempted to climb to reach high items. The grabber also prevents them from having to bend to pick up low items. 

Jar Opener

The jar opener is another home essential that is vital to senior independence. Whether their hands are weaker from age, arthritis, or conditions like Parkinson’s, a jar opener is a wonderful tool to ensure that they’re able to get into jars easily and safely. 

Pill Organizer

A pill organizer is another vital home tool. You or your senior’s home health aide can work with them each week to organize pills into each day’s holder so that they are easily able to track their medications. To ensure they’re able to easily open them, choose a pill organizer with a button tab to lift the lid. 

Book Light

Reading in bed is always a favorite pastime in the evening but having to get up to turn out lights once you’re tired comes with its own risks. Even reaching for a side lamp can be risky if you’re sleepy. A book light is a perfect tool for bedtime reading. It keeps light exactly where your senior needs it, and they don’t have to reach or get up to turn off the light when they’re done. 

Playing Card Holder

We all love playing card games, but for seniors, holding the cards can aggravate the joints in their hands. For some seniors, just holding the cards at all is difficult thanks to some health conditions. A cardholder, however, gives them the ability to organize their cards and keep them private from their opponents. 

Smart Tablet

Smart devices are a way to help your senior loved one stay connected to the world and family and friends. They can enjoy calls with loved ones, play their favorite games online (there are countless word game and card game apps seniors can download for free), and even use the tablet to watch their favorite shows or movies in bed. 

Adult Coloring Book

No one is too old to color. Adult coloring books have become more popular in recent years with designs that vary from simple to complex. Your senior can use crayons or markers to color the pages. It is a wonderful activity they can do alone to pass the time or with you or alongside grandchildren while they color in their own coloring books.

Grocery Delivery or Pickup

Grocery pickup and delivery are available at more stores now than ever before. For seniors, grocery delivery is a wonderful way to enjoy independent living with a little extra convenience, as their groceries are brought to their door. If delivery is not available in your area or if you want to avoid delivery fees, you can always help your senior with grocery pickup, where you simply pick up the order curbside and later help them bring in their groceries and unpack. 

Senior Getting Groceries Delivered
Senior Getting Groceries Delivered

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