women wearing face mask

Masks help us reduce the spread of COVID-19.

But we get it. Masks can be uncomfortable. Whether it’s sore ears, foggy glasses, or funny smells, masks can sometimes be an annoyance.

Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks we’ve compiled below that make wearing a mask comfortable and easy. Try these tips yourself the next time you’re out and about.

Stop Your Glass From Fogging

A common frustration among those with non-20/20 vision is foggy glasses. When you put on your mask, much of your breath is directed upwards towards your lenses, fogging them up. This can lead to embarrassing accidents, such as bumping into people at the store.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks.

For one, you can mount your glasses further down your nose. This can help reduce the fog, as there’s more space between the top of your mask and the lenses.

However, you can take things even further by washing your lenses with soap and water, then air dry them or gently dry them with a towel. The soap leaves behind a film that reduces fogging by spreading out condensation droplets from your breath.

Stop The Ear Pain

A mask that doesn’t fit right can tug on the ears, leading to soreness. 

One way to fight this is to wear a headband with buttons in it, then loop the mask loops around the buttons.

If you wear a ponytail, you could also loop the loops around the bun.

Lastly, you could use a bobby pin to hold the loops in place behind your ears without causing pain or soreness.

Washing Your Cloth Mask

Just like any other article of clothing, your cloth mask gets dirty as you wear it throughout the day. Adequate cleaning is necessary to keep it from collecting germs or smelling funky.

The easiest way to wash your mask is to throw it in with your other laundry, as recommended by the CDC.

However, you may only have one cloth mask, yet you need to keep it clean every day. In this case, handwashing works as well.

To do so, create a bleach-water solution. Make sure the bleach is intended for disinfecting by checking the bottle.

If it is, use 4 tsp of bleach and 1 liter of room-temperature water. Once you prepare the solution, soak your face mask in it for 5 minutes. Then, rinse with cold water and hang to air dry.

Keep Odors at Bay While Out and About

When you’re out doing something, you can’t just wash your mask when it has an unpleasant smell. You can prepare for this ahead of time by adding some face spritz or essential oils. In fact, some oils actually kill bacteria, helping to keep your mask smelling nice and clean. Just make sure that the oils or spritz you choose are safe for your skin.