Tech Savvy senior woman using phone and laptop

At the rate in which society produces new devices and technology, it’s only natural that seniors would have trouble keeping up.

The problem with this is that the more technology the world invents, the more society becomes dependent upon it, and the more everyday life requires the use of that technology. So, if seniors can’t keep up with the new tech, they can’t keep up with the world we live in.

For this reason, it’s important to take the time to teach your loved ones how to use their new devices. It’s not just enough to buy the tech for them, you have to help them too.

Here is a break down, tech by tech, to help you teach your seniors the basics of what they’ve got.


How to use an iPhone

The main thing to teach with an iPhone is swiping. Older model iPhones have home buttons. But the newer models have done away with that. Now, it’s all about swiping- whether you want to get to the home screen, return to a call, see all your apps, etc.

Make sure to repeat the idea of swiping over and over to your senior. It’ll make navigating the iPhone much easier.


How to use FaceTime

Also in relation to the iPhone (and all Apple products), you’ll want to teach your loved seniors how to use FaceTime.

When they know how to use it, seniors absolutely love FaceTime. The app allows them to feel close to their children and grandchildren. And, closeness is something that is extremely important for anyone’s emotional stability.

Take the time to teach your senior how to make a video call on FaceTime.  Show them how to start the call and how to hang up. Also show them how to aim the camera at themselves properly.


How to use an Android

The biggest challenge with using an Android is finding all the apps on the phone.

Luckily, that’s an easy fix.

Organize your senior’s android apps in neat categories and by page. Then, be sure to very slowly show your senior where all the apps are and how they are categorized.

Taking the time to explain it all in the beginning, will save both you and your senior a good amount of time and frustration later on.


How to use Alexa

The first thing to teach your senior about Alexa is that she only responds when you say “Alexa.”

Make sure your seniors remember the name, and write it down for them if you think they’ll need a reminder for the first few days.

Since Alexa can do so many different things, the best way to teach your senior how to use her is to lead by example. Teach your senior to say things like:

“Alexa, what’s the weather in Philadelphia today?”

“Alexa, set a timer for ____ minutes.”

“Alexa, call______.”

“Alexa, play music.”

Eventually, your senior will start to think of new questions and commands to say to Alexa on his or her own.

Oh, and don’t forget to teach your senior how to ask Alexa for jokes.

Seniors always get a kick out of that one.