Just like with any job, being a caregiver does not come without its difficulties.

If you find yourself up against a wall, or you’re looking to take preventative measures to ease the caregiving burden, take a look at this list.

Here are 4 very common caregiving concerns and what you can do about them:

Concern: Mental Health

When it comes to caring for another human being, the workload can really take its toll on your mental health. Caregivers often find their emotional and mental states too strongly intertwined with how their seniors are feeling and thinking. This leads caregivers to bear the unnecessary weight of extra emotions, which is an exhausting task.


  • Take short, but frequent vacations.
  • Plan one thing nice for yourself each day (or each week).
  • Keep up with self-care.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Make time to talk with friends and other family members.

Angels On Call - Common Caregiving Concerns

Concern: Physical Health

With so much on their plates, caregivers really run the risk of running themselves ragged. For many caregivers, taking care of their seniors is not their full-time job. This leaves caregivers with very little time for their own personal lives, and for taking care of their own physical well-being.


  • Exercise with your senior, instead of trying to squeeze in time afterward.
  • If you’re sick, let your body fully recuperate before getting back to work.
  • Don’t skip meals- your body needs the energy.
  • Prioritize your sleep schedule.

Concern: Family Disagreements

Spending so much time with your senior, you’re bound to get into arguments every now and again. Just remember to stay calm, and that arguments don’t mean you love each other any less.


  • Listen first, then respond.
  • If you feel yourself getting worked up, excuse yourself for a few minutes to take a breather.
  • Whenever possible, avoid topics that you often argue over.

Concern: Caregiving Decisions

Having to make medical and lifestyle decisions for your senior can be scary. You may not always know what to do, or what the best option is. And, that’s alright. Because caregivers are only human too. Luckily, there a few tricks that can help you get through some of the tougher decisions.


  • Do as much research as you can and write down what you find.
  • Make a pros and cons list.
  • Talk with professionals and others who went through similar situations.
  • Sleep on it, and make your final decision in the morning.
  • Give yourself a deadline, so you don’t drag out the decision for too long.
  • Remember: No matter the outcome, you’re doing the best you can.

Angels On Call - Common Caregiving Concerns

Concern: Resources

It can be tough keeping up with the resources needed to sustain a person. When you’re acting as someone’s caregiver, you have to be aware of your senior’s supply levels for medicine, medical tools, food, clothes, hygiene products, and more.


  • Keep a checklist by your senior’s front door to remind you what to keep an eye on.
  • Sign up for automatic or monthly purchases.
  • Hire a home health aide to keep track of all your senior’s resources.

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