Do you view aging as a rite of passage through life, or do you see it as something you have to endure? How we look at aging can affect our mental and physical well-being as we age. For those of us providing elderly care services to aging residents in Philadelphia, our attitude around aging can affect those we care for as well. Here’s how to incorporate a Positive Aging Mindset through elderly care services in Philadelphia. 

Correcting Our Views on Aging

Ageism, or discrimination based on age, is a problem that affects the elderly. In 2016, the World Health Organization reported that 60% of respondents to their “World Values Survey” said that older people were not respected. While ageism is common, most people aren’t aware they’re displaying it. What are signs you can look for in yourself and others around you? 

Typically, ageism takes three forms, 

  • Stereotypes about how aging affects us 
  • Prejudice in the form of disdain, dislike, or irritation with older people 
  • Discrimination that harms older people or isolates them from society

These attitudes can manifest in big ways or small ones. It’s important that we respect our senior loved ones as individual people and pay attention to their interests and needs. Don’t assume your loved one will or will not like or be able to do something just because “they’re older.” Instead, ask what they feel they can do and give them the space and support to enjoy life.

Incorporate a Positive Aging Mindset through Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia
Incorporate a Positive Aging Mindset through Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia

How to Adopt a Positive Attitude Around Aging

It’s important to adopt a positive attitude around aging, both for your senior loved one and for yourself. If you’re caring for a parent or grandparent, they may share some of the negative feelings about aging that you have. Engaging with them to develop a positive attitude together will help both of you grow closer and live happier lives. Some activities you and your senior loved one can do together to improve your outlook around aging include, 

  • Physical activities that your loved one enjoys. This can include gardening, walking, or exercise. By spending this time together engaging in physical activities you and your loved one can overcome any misconceptions about your loved one’s physical capabilities.
  • Challenging yourselves with mental activities. You can put together puzzles together, challenge each other with crossword puzzles, learn a language together, or do any other mentally stimulating activity your loved one may enjoy. Look for opportunities for both of you to learn new things. 
  • Practicing encouragement, mindfulness, and patience. As they age, your loved one will find things they can’t do or may need help with, especially if they come to experience limited mobility or develop a chronic health condition. It’s important that you are ready to assist your loved one with patience and encourage them to pay attention to their body to recognize their own limitations. 
  • Practicing relaxing techniques together. Find ways to practice relaxing together. It could be reading, listening to music, or a soothing hobby. The important thing is to learn to give yourselves time to relax and unwind.
Incorporate a Positive Aging Mindset through Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia
Incorporate a Positive Aging Mindset through Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia

Providing Positive Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia

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