Ready to find home health care with a loved one you trust? Call Angels on Call today!

If you are in need of home care services and meet our eligibility requirements, Angels on Call wants to talk to you and a loved one about partnering in your health by training them to become YOUR very own caregiver! Our unique, alternative home care program offers assistance to those who’ve suffered injury or illness through home care that’s uniquely designed for YOU and provided by your loved one, the person you most trust to take care of your needs. You get to direct your own care by choosing exactly the person you want to receive care from and determining how you want them to arrange your care plan. You’ll get help moving back towards independence from a person you love and trust most, and they’ll get paid to do a great job that’s meaningful and important to them! With our PAS (Personal Assistance Services) program, you and your loved one are in charge of managing your home care.

Philadelphia Home Care Provided by Your Loved One… How Does it Work?

The PAS (Personal Assistance Services) program makes it so easy for your loved one to become the qualified and caring home health provider that you need. The process is straightforward: you will interview and hire the person of your choosing, and the two of you together will work out the exact services and care you’ll receive, what your schedule will look like, and what the plan of care will be. You will handle the submission of timesheets to ensure your caregiver is paid accurately. A Fiscal Agency (selected by Angels on Call) will process all payroll and taxes for employment that you submit on their behalf. The caregiver, while hired by you, may also be eligible to receive additional compensatory benefits such as health insurance, 401k, overtime pay and vacation pay from our agency. Angels on Call offers a robust employment & compensation plan. The benefits to both you and your newly hired caregiver are vast and give you the ability to:

– Be in control of your own health care
– Designate the person you most trust and love to be your personal caregiver
– Avoid hiring a caregiver from a home care agency that you may not know very well
– Hire a relative, neighbor or friend (unfortunately, you cannot hire a spouse or a Power of Attorney to be your caregiver).

Further, there is no cost to enroll for either yourself or your caregiver. The only eligibility requirements are:

– That you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid and that approval is given by your area Department on Aging
– You are over the age of 18
– You require assistance with ADL (activities of daily living)
– You live in Pennsylvania.

Upon meeting these eligibility requirements, you and your caregiver can sit down to planning what services you need to live a fulfilled and healthful life. Services to you can include:

– Medication reminders and health maintenance activities
– Bathing and personal hygiene
– Dressing and grooming
– Meal prep
– Shopping, laundry, light house cleaning and chores
– Assistance with transportation

So, are you ready for the person you love and trust the most to become your well-trained, well-qualified, and utterly caring caregiver? Call Angels on Call to find out how you and a loved one can partner together in pursuit of healthy, guided living. After all, when it comes to your care, don’t turn to just anyone – call on your angel.