Elder People On Yoga Class In The Park

Stick to a schedule

We humans love routine. So, if you find yourself having trouble getting around to exercising, the solution is making it a part of your weekly routine.

If you set specific times with the where’s and what’s in advance, you’ll be much more likely to keep with it. Making new plans in a moment’s notice can be difficult, but if you have it all planned out beforehand, you’ll have a much easier time seeing it through.

A little goes a long way

Our minds don’t like change. And, if they think we’re about to do something drastic to our regular schedules they start to psych us out. And that’s when we suddenly find a million other things we need to do instead of exercising.

A.k.a. procrastination.

So instead of creating some huge life changing plan, start small and work your way up. Begin with something that’s manageable, something you know you can get practically get done. Like 30 min walks twice a week. Or a once a week yoga class.

For health purposes, you’ll probably want to be getting more exercise than just that, but starting small and sticking to it is better than starting big and dropping it.

Get a nice pair of sneakers

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to see things go to waste, then this trick might be the one to keep you motivated.

Go out and buy yourself a nice new pair of sneakers or walking shoes. Something that makes you happy when you look at them. And don’t be afraid to spend a little extra. Because if you’re someone who hates wasting money, you’ll feel obligated to get some use out of your new shoes and go out and exercise.

Register for a new exercise class

On a similar note, if you spend the money to sign up for a class, you might feel more inclined to actually exercise.

Registering for exercise classes is also great because it gives you a schedule. Remember how we talked about sticking to schedule earlier? Well sometimes the hardest part about sticking to a schedule is making the schedule. When you register for a class, you only have so many options to choose from which makes selecting a specific time to exercise much simpler.

Get someone on board with you

It’s easy to back out of a commitment you make only to yourself. Which is why one of the best things you can do when trying to make time for exercising, is letting others know your plan. Whether you tell multiple friends, or just your home care assistant, you’ll feel more compelled to actually exercise knowing that other people will be aware if you succeed or fail.

No pressure- just a little more motivation.

You can even ask someone you’re close with to check up on you every so often and make sure you’re sticking to your new exercise goals. Or, you can find a friend who also needs to exercise, and you can work through it together.

Go Team!