Some seniors are not happy about enrolling in home health care in Pittsburgh, PA. They may see it as a sign of losing their independence. But home care can make them more independent. It will also improve their quality of life.

Transportation Aid

Many seniors lose their independence due to a limited ability to get around. They may no longer be able to drive. They may need help walking and navigating public transportation. As a result, they can’t participate in many of the activities they enjoy. A home aide can drive them around or accompany them on walks and public transportation. They can take them to see friends and to community events. They can give them back their social life.


Improves Health

Home health care in Pittsburgh, PA services improves a senior’s health. An aide can guide them through exercises and help them maintain a healthy diet. A higher level of wellness allows seniors to get around better and engage in more daily activities.


It helps You Age in Place

An AARP study finds 77% of seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they grow older. When seniors age in place, they can plan their schedule as they wish. A home aid allows seniors to grow old at home longer, so they do not need to check into a nursing home.


Reduces Isolation

Many seniors deal with isolation as they grow older. Friends and family members die. They may also have trouble getting around and participating in social activities.


Home health care in Pittsburgh, PA, reduces isolation in several ways. The aide provides the client with companionship. They can accompany them on social activities. They can also help them access social media and video conferencing to connect with others virtually.

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Provide Adaptive Tools

Healthcare aides can provide adaptive tools that make it easy for seniors to perform daily tasks. They can offer tools for reaching things, getting dressed, and more. They can also recommend mobility equipment that helps clients get around.


Rearranging the Home

Home Health Care Pittsburgh PA aides can rearrange the home to make it easier for seniors to access what they need. For example, they can place all medications in one spot in the kitchen so their clients can take them with breakfast. Or they can put all bathroom items in one location to make showering and bathing easier.


With the proper organization, seniors can take care of themselves with little or no assistance.


Get Home Health Care Pittsburgh, PA, For Your Loved One

Home health care does not mean a reduction in independence. On the contrary, it makes it easier for seniors to do what they enjoy. It improves the quality of life in several ways.


If you are considering getting home health care in Pittsburgh, PA, for your loved one, contact Angels on Call first. We offer convenient scheduling, a well-trained staff, and a wide selection of services. Please find out how we can help your relatives stay independent in their homes.