You may notice your elderly loved one forgets things. Or they may have a medical condition that requires extra care. In these instances, you may consider home care assistance, you may decide to provide care yourself or you may opt for home care in Philadelphia PA, from a professional agency. Here are some tips that will help you in either scenario.


Tips to Help Untrained Caregivers 

Prepare for Moodiness: Certain health conditions can cause loved ones to be moody. They may say something upsetting to you when they are in a bad mood. It’s crucial not to take these things personally. You may also consider what’s causing their bad mood. If pain or medication makes them unhappy, you can talk to a doctor about changing their medication or finding ways to manage pain better. 

Maintain a Caring Attitude: Treat your loved one with care and empathy. The right attitude will minimize your loved one’s mood swings. It will also make you less upset when patients lash out.

Be Attentive: Caregivers must be attentive to ensure patients don’t fall or injure themselves. They must also be on the lookout for worsening health conditions. They should talk to patients about their feelings so they don’t feel isolated or depressed. If you get distracted when the TV is on or your phone buzzes, consider hiring professional help.   

Care for Yourself: You won’t do much good for your loved one if you aren’t healthy. Eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. Take a break and get respite care when you feel stressed.


Home Care Assistance in Philadelphia, PA


Tips for Getting Ready for Professional In-Home Care 

Discuss Health Care Options: Seniors often feel home care means losing independence. They will feel better about moving forward if you sit down with them and discuss their options. Talk about when they would like a caregiver in and what they would like the aide to do for them.

Get Documents in Place: A home care agency will require critical information about your loved one, including documents relevant to their health condition and insurance. Make sure you have these papers in order before you proceed.

Prepare the Home: Prepare your loved one’s home to make it easy for them to get around. You may consider adding handrails and clearing cluttered areas to prevent falling. Doing so will make the caregiver’s job easier.

Create a Plan for Emergencies: You must provide the caregiver information to prepare them for emergencies. They should know which doctors and relatives to call and which hospital to take your loved one to.


Home Care Assistance in Philadelphia, PA
Home Care Assistance in Philadelphia, PA


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