For seniors with chronic or terminal illnesses, self-care empowers seniors and motivates them to become active participants in their care. Self-care improves their relationships with their caregivers and their family. It also leads to a better quality of life. Let’s look at the ways that home care services in Philadelphia help empower seniors to engage in their self-care. 

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is the simple routine we take part in to help regulate our mental, emotional, and physical health. That’s a purposefully broad definition. Self-care can be as disciplined as taking part in weekly aerobics classes or as simple as always turning off our phones at dinner so that we can eat in peace. While a wide variety of activities and actions can fall under the umbrella of self-care, they share certain commonalities like, 

  • A focus on the person’s well-being for the person’s sake
  • Providing physical, emotional, or mental relief for the person
  • Are sometimes solitary, sometimes social, depending on the person’s needs
  • Are accessible to the person without extra assistance or work

Self-Care for Seniors

How Home Care Services Promote Self-Care for Seniors with Terminal Illness

At Angels on Call, our expert home care providers work with Philadelphia seniors and their families to tailor services to their needs. The goal of aging at home is for seniors to live independently while receiving the care assistance they need. A terminal illness shapes this goal, as those needs rise over time, but does not negate them. 

For seniors facing a terminal illness diagnosis, prospects can seem hopeless. Studies have found that seniors in assisted living who engaged in self-care demonstrated improved self-esteem and happiness. A home care provider enables seniors to engage in self-care routines while ensuring their other physical and medical needs are met. This in turn helps to alleviate depression and anxiety that often follows a terminal illness diagnosis. They do this by, 

  • Helping seniors and family members acknowledge the impact of diagnosis
  • Preparing for and responding to physical, emotional, and mental changes
  • Enabling family members to create a strong support system for their loved ones and each other
  • Providing critical care needs so seniors are better able physically and mentally to engage in their care
  • Supporting senior activity and social engagement as their health allows

Through companion and personal care services and healthcare support services, Angel on Call caregivers are able to help seniors balance their limitations with their desire to continue living independently. 

Self-Care for Seniors

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