Growing older can be a wonderful time in our lives. We watch our families expand and enter retirement. It can also be a time of anxiety, especially if we have health conditions or limited mobility that inhibit our ability to get out into the community. At Angels on Call, our home care helps Philadelphia residents live fulfilling lives in their retirement years. Communication plays a key part; Learn more about The Importance of Communication in Senior Home Care in Philadelphia.

The Benefits of Communication

Sometimes seniors find themselves isolated from family or their community due to a variety of reasons. This can have detrimental effects on their mental and physical health. When seniors have open avenues to communicate with friends and loved ones, whether through physical visits or through phone and video chat, their quality of life improves. In fact, seniors who regularly communicate with others experience lower rates of anxiety and depression, improved cognitive health, and better overall health outcomes. 

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The Importance of Home Care

With so many families spread out across not only cities and states but across the country, regular get-togethers are difficult. Even time zones can affect how frequently you can get together by phone or online. Home care services, like Angels on Call, provide seniors with ways to make important human contact. Our caregivers provide companion care so that your loved one has someone they can talk to and enjoy activities with. We also provide transportation services to help seniors become active in the community and see family. 

Communication Is about More than Companionship

At Angels on Call, companionship isn’t our only form of communication. We also believe that engaging seniors and their families in their care is just as important. In fact, that involvement helps reinforce the fact that home care services are about a senior’s independence. 

The Importance of Communication in Senior Home Care in Philadelphia

Our communication starts at the very beginning, as we listen to seniors’ specific needs and concerns for their home care. It continues after services begin, for we listen to feedback and changes that seniors may need to make in their care.

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