Progress is hard to measure.

Especially, when it comes to healthcare, education, nutrition, and the like.

Family caregivers often worry if their seniors are getting the best care. They wonder how their seniors are faring in comparison to other older adults. And, most of all, family caregivers are curious as to the differences and benefits of our healthcare systems nowadays to those of decades before.

Read on to find out the facts of senior healthcare as well as ways to help your senior stay young and independent.

The Research

Recently, a study was published measuring the functional ability of seniors nowadays in comparison to seniors in the 1990s. The study took place in Finland at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä, and focused on older adults between the ages of 75 to 80. During this study, researchers tested for both physical and mental capabilities, including: memory, verbal faculties, reaction time, physical agility, muscle strength, and more.

Lucky for seniors nowadays, the results of the research actually determined that seniors in this decade function better than seniors of past decades. Both men and women tested considerably higher in terms of their physical and mental functioning.

The Significance

The implication of this study’s results is that whatever new education, healthcare, nutritional planning, emotional support, and physical environments that seniors of this decade grew up in are working.

As a society, we can be proud that our seniors’ lives are better, happier, healthier, and longer due to the hard work we’ve put into our communities.

A Change in Perspective

Knowing that our seniors are faring that much better nowadays, a small shift in the healthcare perspective is now necessary.

In previous decades, the goal of senior healthcare was to solely focus on increasing life expectancy. However, now healthcare providers can focus not just on life expectancy but also on the quality of life.

With the right care, old doesn’t have to mean slower, or less functioning. With a new shift in perspective, old can be synonymous with physically capable and mentally able.

How to Continue to Help Your Senior Stay Young

Help your senior stay young and functioning by getting the right care.

At Angels on Call, we offer at-home care for all of your senior’s emotional, physical, and mental needs. Individuality is extremely important to us, and for that reason, we create a custom plan tailored to each and every senior’s needs. We pay close attention to our seniors’ personalities, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. in order to develop the health care plan that best suits their individual lifestyles.

Our Angels are skilled healthcare professionals, trained to adapt to the various needs of each individual client. At Angels on Call, we strive to help our clients with more than just medicine. We aim to create a warm, safe environment for seniors where they can grow intellectually, developmentally, and emotionally.

To hear more about the Angels on Call healthcare perspective and services, give us a call anytime at 1-888-432-1070.