elderly woman drinking water to stop Dehydration

It goes without saying: our bodies need water.

If you measure it out, the majority of our body weight is actually water weight. Because our bodies depend on water to function all the way down to each and every one of our itsy-bitsy cells.

Our bodies use water for digestion, temperature regulation, brain function, and joint mobility. Plus, water keeps your body parts fresh and lubricated (especially your eyes).

And yet, despite the water being so integral to our ability to function, we often find ourselves in moments of dehydration. Whether that dehydration is severe or mild.

This is an extreme problem for seniors and the elderly. Because they need their bodies functioning at optimal levels to keep them living strong and healthy.

Unfortunately, the elderly tend to have physical ailments that place intense strains on their bodies. And they need every ounce of energy to keep those strains from becoming worse. But, if their joints, tissues, and other body parts have to fight just to stay in working condition because they don’t have enough water to support them, then their bodies have to divide their energies. Which is not the best route.

So, here are 6 easy ways to stop elderly dehydration, and keep your senior cool and hydrated.

  • Know weather you’re dealing with…

Before you go for a nice walk, make sure you know how hot it is outside. If the heat is in the dangerous range, it might be best to wait until the evening. And, always try to avoid the mid-day heat, when the sun is at its strongest.

  • Search for shady areas

When you’re out under the boiling sun, make sure to find shady places you can rest. The hotter the sun, the more we sweat, and the more we sweat, the more water escapes from our bodies. Which means the more water we need to be drinking. And if you can’t find a shady place to break up the sun’s heat, bring an umbrella with you!

  • Indoor plants need water too

Which means you need to drink water when you’re indoors as well. It’s easy to forget to drink when you’re not under the boiling hot sun. But whatever the weather, indoor or outdoor, you need to drink water. So, keep that in mind.

  • Install a water app

If you or your senior is tech-savvy, then downloading a water app can be a great way to keep track of how much water you are actually drinking. And they’re free! As soon as you download an app, you put in the amount of water you aim to drink in a day. Then the app will send you reminders throughout the day, gauging how much time you have left to reach your water drinking goal.

  • Try some new flavors

It can get a little boring drinking the same taste day in and day out. And sometimes when we get bored of something, we turn away from it. Which is not a good option when it comes to water intake. Instead, try some water enhancers to add vitamins and flavors to your drinks.

  • Seltzer and tea are options too

If you or your senior don’t like the taste of water, other drinks with a water base can work just as well! Also, watery foods like fruits and such, can add to your total water intake. Just be careful of things with a lot of caffeine, like coffee, because that can actually dehydrate you.